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400ml  $23.50

Premium Wax Polish Clear
Rustin's Premium Wax Polish is made from the finest ingredients to give your furniture a beautiful, classic sheen to show off the natural beauty of the wood It is suitable for indoor use on all types of wood and ideal for decorative woodturning.
The Premium Wax Polish is virtually odour-free, quick and easy to apply by hand and, once buffed to the desired sheen level, produces a depth of finish that protects and revives any original patina.


Natural Beeswax
Clear Natural Beeswax is a blended polish of the highest quality, mostly used for finishing sealed or previously polished wood


Wax Filler Sticks
Rustins Wax Filler Sticks are ideal for filling small dents and chips on your wooden furniture. Available in Medium or Dark wood shades. 

Each pack contains 4 wax sticks and 1 applicator.

Available in Light, Medium or Dark.


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