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RUSTINíS Ultra Fine 0000 STEEL WOOL 

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For ultra fine finishing. 

The finest grade 0000 Steel Wools available in Australia.

Ideal for cutting back finishes to produce ultra smooth surfaces. Obtaining matt or satin finishes, removing wax polish, even cleaning brass and polishing metal. Use to cut back Rustins Plastic Coating prior to burnishing.

Supplied in itís own storage box and in an easy to use economy roll.
Just roll out and cut off a small piece for the job at hand. Moulds to 
any shape, fold into a small pad and itís ready to use.
No untidy tangled or messy wads to gather dust.

Grade 0000, 150g ROLL in BOX $12.95

Steel Wool 0000+ plus is our finest grade of Steel Wool. Used for cleaning and polishing bronze, chrome, stainless steel and aluminium. Top Quality. Great value long roll, supplied in a box.

Grade 0000 PLUS +,
150g Roll $14.50


Compare the price of Rustinís 0000 steel wool and you will see Rustinís offers a huge saving over other brands. Why pay more for less quantity and inferior quality steel wools? Insist on RUSTINíS Steel Wool. - Rustin's Australia - Official website 

Sole Australian Importer & Distributor since 1980.