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The easy and economical way to revive new and old Furniture without stripping!

Ideal for antique Restoration - especially French polished surfaces which need a new look and to lift their appearance. Before you pay hundreds of dollars in restoration costs or other expensive "one shot" reviving treatments, give RUSTINíS RENOVATORS a go.

The five specially formulated Rustinís products work in harmony with the timber to Clean, Revive, Mask, Polish & Wax, restoring the surface and shine to most furniture. 

For under $40.00 you can have a full set of RENOVATORS which will enable you to treat and care for many wooden items and furniture around the home. 

Ideal for Antique dealers & auction houses to prepare pieces for sale and save money. No more stripping necessary for many pieces, just use Rustinís Renovators and youíll be amazed at the results!

Rustinís Renovators are a tried and tested method of giving a new lease of life to woodwork with a dull or faded appearance. Remember, all furniture and woodwork acquires an attractive patina on ageing and you should always try to retain as much of the original finish as possible. Stripping should only be carried out if the condition of the surface is too bad to be restored with one of the above Rustinís Renovators.

These Rustinís RENOVATORS will give a new lease of life to
woodwork with a dull, or faded appearance.

SET of ALL 5 RENOVATORS 125ml  $39.50


A blend of powerful solvents, which will remove accumulated wax and dirt from furniture without harming the original finish.

125ml  $8.50
250ml  $15.00



Will restore the gloss and remove minor surface defects and fine scratches. Water and heat marks can also be removed. (Unless they have penetrated through the finish into the wood)

125ml  $8.50


Will mask unsightly surface scratches.
DARK for medium to dark timbers.

125ml  $8.50
0ml  $16.00


Will mask unsightly surface scratches. 
LIGHT for light coloured timbers.

125ml  $8.50



Contains pure beeswax and carnauba wax. Rustinís Liquid Wax can be used on all new and old furniture for a beautiful satin shine. (We recommend cleaning off any old wax with surface cleaner first. Not suitable for bare timber)

125ml  $11.00


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