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Product List

WOODTURNING & WOODWORKING Scroll down to see all products available.

FRICTION POLISH - for Woodturners
Rustinís High Build Friction Polish easily produces a long lasting high shine, great for items such as pens, etc.    More Information

A special blend of natural Tung Oil and vegetable oils, giving a beautiful natural finish to all types of timber.  Rustinís Danish Oil is different to other oils! 
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Rustinís finest grade 0000 Steel Wool for cutting back finishes to produce ultra smooth surfaces.    More Information

Steel Wool 0000+ plus is our finest grade of Steel Wool. Used for cleaning and polishing bronze, chrome, stainless steel and aluminium. Top Quality. Great value long roll, supplied in a box.  150g   
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Rustinís Plastic Coating, the toughest finish for all furniture & interior woodwork.
3 in one gloss, satin or matt.  
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Rustinís Wood Dye is a non fading, quick drying and penetrating stain for bare wood.
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Wax Polish

NEW!   Premium Wax Polish Clear
Rustin's Premium Wax Polish is made from the finest ingredients to give your furniture a beautiful, classic sheen to show off the natural beauty of the wood It is suitable for indoor use on all types of wood and ideal for decorative woodturning.
The Premium Wax Polish is virtually odour-free, quick and easy to apply by hand and, once buffed to the desired sheen level, produces a depth of finish that protects and revives any original patina. 
Available in a large size 400ml tin.  
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Rustins Lint Free Cloths - click here for details

NEW!  Lint Free Cloths
Rustins Lint Free Cloths are ideal for use in applying products such as Danish Oil, Teak & Furniture Oil, Wax, Wood Dye & French Polish. 

3 in a pack-300mm x 300mm    Price List

Rustins - Chopping Board Oil

NEW!   Chopping Board Oil
Rustins Chopping Board Oil is a blend of natural plant oils to nourish and protect chopping boards and worktops.
It penetrates the wood with no surface film to chip. It has a clear finish to enhance the natural beauty of wood.
This new food safe Oil contains anti-microbial additives with a slow release formula which provide protection against a wide range of bacteria including E-coli and MRSA.   250ml  
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Rustins Chopping Board Oil conforms to The Articles in Contact with Food Regulations.

Rustin's - For Woodworkers, Woodturners, Woodcarvers, Furniture Manufacturers, Antique Restorers & DIY.

FURNITURE RESTORATION & WOODWORK Scroll down to see all products available.

NEW! Wax Filler Sticks

Rustins Wax Filler Sticks are ideal for filling small dents and chips on your wooden furniture. Available in Medium or Dark wood shades. Each pack contains 4 wax sticks and 1 applicator.

Available in Medium, or Dark.

NEW! Furniture First Aid Kit
First aid for your wooden furniture Furniture first aid kits for dark furniture, contain all the products you will need to remove many of the worst blemishes from polished wood and restore it to its former beauty. Presented in an attractive carry-out box, the kit contains Rustins Surface Cleaner, Rustins Ring Remover and Rustins Dark Scratch Cover all in 125ml sizes. Also included in the box, for application, is a high quality lint free cloth to prevent fibres being left on the surface

Rustins Natural Beeswax - click here for details

NEW!  Natural Beeswax
Rustins Clear Natural Beeswax is a blended polish of the highest quality, mostly used for finishing sealed or previously polished wood

Available in a 250ml Jar.  Price List

Rustinís Renovators range will restore dull and lifeless surfaces. Ideal for Antique restoration & all new and old wooden furniture around the home.
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Rustinís Grain Filler is a very fine paste which can be mixed with mineral turpentine & hand rubbed into the timber after fine sanding. This will give a smoother surface for better finishing with French Polish, Cellulose, Polyurethane etc. 
Can be thinned with Rustinís Wood Dye, to stain & fill in one operation.   
Available in 230g tins in four wood colours.
Natural, Oak, Teak, Mahogany   
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Wood Filler

Rustinís Wood Filler is a thick paste, ideal for filling cracks, dents and nail holes in timber. Simply apply with a putty knife, sets quickly and does not shrink.  Can be thinned with water and the Natural can be tinted with Rustinís Wood Dyes.  
Available size is 600g in four wood colours. Natural, Oak, Teak, Mahogany   
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Worktop Oil

Worktop Oil
Rustin's Worktop Oil is a unique water-borne blend of natural plant oils and other special ingredients which nourishes and protects all types of timber. 

It is a quick-drying wooden work surface treatment, leaving a durable and water-resistant seal which is not vulnerable to scratching or chipping. 
Solvent free and suitable for the kitchen or in any other food-related environment. 

Plant oils used in its formulation originate from sustainable sources. One litre will cover around 13 square metres per coat depending on the absorbency of the wood.     Price List

Tung Oil

Pure Tung Oil
Rustin's Pure Tung Oil is a pure natural non-toxic oil and is completely free from solvent. It has good penetration into all types of timber without leaving a film and its special properties make it highly resistant to water, alcohol and food stuffs. 

It is additive free and safe for use in contact with food. It forms a hard wearing finish making it suitable for kitchen work surfaces, chopping boards and interior wood work.     Price List

OUTDOOR PRODUCTS Scroll down to see all products available.

NEW!Rustins Garden Furn. Oil - click here for detailsThis food safe water-borne oil is a blend of natural oils and other special ingredients that nourish, protect and enhance your wooden garden furniture. Rustins Garden Furniture Oil dries with a low gloss sheen. It is a penetrating oil that dries to a hard, durable and water-resistant seal that brings out the beauty of the grain within the timber. It contains UV light inhibitors that protect against sunlight. Available in 500ml and 1 Litre

Rustinís Clear Garden Furniture Oil, with added ĎUVí ULTRA VIOLET-LIGHT absorbers. Ideal for use on all wooden garden furniture and all types of wood exposed to the weather.
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Whatever job you are working on, Rustinís have a product to give a quality lasting finish to new & old timber


Rustins Brass & Copper Bath - click here for details

NEW!   Brass & Copper Bath
Turn the dirty, messy and time-consuming job of cleaning and polishing brass and copper into a fast and easy experience with this Rustins Brass & Copper Bath. It does the work for you in minutes and even works on engraved and filigree pieces.
Dirt and tarnish float away right before your eyes Ė and you donít even get your hands dirty. 3 x 50g sachets per box.  
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NEW! Silver Bath
Turn the dirty, messy and time-consuming job of cleaning and polishing silver into a fast and easy experience with this Rustins Silver Baths. It does the work for you in minutes and even works on engraved and filigree pieces.... Dirt and tarnish float away right before your eyes Ė and you donít even get your hands dirty      Price List

for China Restoration.

Specially formulated for use in china restoration. Will not crack, craze or yellow in time, stays completely clear.
More Information - Rustin's Australia - Official website

Sole Australian Importer & Distributor since 1980.