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Whatever job you are working on, Rustinís have a product to give a quality lasting finish to new & old timber


Lint Free Cloths
Rustins Lint Free Cloths are ideal for use in applying products such as Danish Oil, Teak & Furniture Oil, Wax, Wood Dye & French Polish. 

3 in a pack-300mm x 300mm

3 x cloths per pack

Prep Cloths
Rustins Prep Cloths are cleverly designed to easily pick up and hold dust, dirt and fibres leaving a clean surface prior to painting and varnishing, making decorating preparation easier. These resin impregnated cloths are ideal for use prior to final coating as one light wipe will remove all particles that are left on the surface leaving it smooth for a first class finish with no sticky residue. They can be used time and time again; just fold the Prep Cloth and pop it into the bag it came from to use next time you want a professional finish.


Leather Cleaner

Rustins Leather Cleaner is formulated for use as a general leather cleaner and is suitable for use on all leathers except Suede and NuBuck.. A safe to use cleaner to remove stubborn dirt and grime. This leather cleaning solution contains no solvents or abrasives, allowing it to clean leather safely without causing any damage, yet it is still capable of removing deeply ingrained dirt and grime. 

Rustins Leather Cleaner is an effective and powerful water based leather cleaner making it ideal for cleaning light coloured leathers that show the dirt most, but can still be used on all colours of leather.


Leather Protection Cream

Rustins Leather Protection Cream is a water based leather cream used to condition, protect, nourish and re-instate the aroma into old and new leather items. Rustins Leather Protection Cream provides advanced barrier protection technology to help repel all oil and water based staining from leather. The barrier applied to the leather will also hold general dirt and soiling on the surface making the leather much easier to clean and care for. With added UV inhibitors the Protection Cream also helps prevent the sun from fading the leather when it is in direct contact



Rustins Ring Remover is a mixture of fine abrasives that will remove water and heat mark damage from a range of polished surfaces such as lacquers, varnishes and French Polish. Ring Remover will also restore the gloss and remove minor defects from finishes

3 x 50g sachets per box

Brass & Copper Bath
Turn the dirty, messy and time-consuming job of cleaning and polishing brass and copper into a fast and easy experience with this Rustins Brass & Copper Bath. It does the work for you in minutes and even works on engraved and filigree pieces.
Dirt and tarnish float away right before your eyes Ė and you donít even get your hands dirty. 

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