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Rustinís Plastic coating requires two parts to be mixed together before application, however before you say "I dont like two part finishes" please read on. This is where Rustinís Plastic coating differs from "other" two part finishes.

It is easy to use, just mix FOUR parts Rustinís Plastic Coating with ONE part Rustinís Plastic Coating Hardener, this forms the basic coating to be applied. (Only a small amount needs to be mixed as it goes a long way) eg. The 250ml Starter Kit covers approx 15 square ft/1.33sq mt with 3coats brushed on!

The first coat is applied by either brushing, spraying or rolling on. A minimum of 3 to 4 coats is recommended so additional coats are then applied within approx 1 (ONE) hour of the previous coat. Once the last coat has been applied the workpiece is set aside for up to 48 hours to go through its chemically activated curing process which gives this finish its extremely hard wearing properties.

Any leftover mixed coating will keep in an open container on your bench for approx 3 days and a lot longer if covered and placed in the refrigerator for use on another project at a later time. You donít get that with other two part finishes! 

Hereís more you only get with
Rustinís Plastic Coating...

Rustinís Plastic Coating can be finished in 3 different ways, depending upon the type of look and usage your work requires.     

After curing up to 48 hours a...

Is achieved by wet sanding the piece with 600grit wet & dry paper or 0000 Steel Wool, this will cut out any brush marks, dust or imperfections in the surface. Keep sanding until a smooth dull flat surface is produced. Then you apply Rustinís Burnishing cream, a mild cutter/polish. Apply on a damp rag with straight even motion over the entire piece. This will polish the surface and give you the extremely high gloss mirror like deep shine which lasts for years and years & makes Rustinís Plastic Coating the best clear gloss finish by far! Call in & see our 25 year old goblet still shining!

After curing up to 48 hours a...

Is achieved by wet sanding the piece with 600grit wet & dry paper or 0000 steel wool as above. When a smooth dull flat surface is produced all you need to do is polish with fine steel wool and a wax polish on a soft cotton cloth which will give the surface a beautiful natural smooth satin glow.

After curing up to 48 hours a...

Is achieved by wet sanding the piece with 600grit wet & dry paper or 0000 steel wool as above. Rub with a coarse grade steel wool, then wipe the surface with a soft cloth and you have a hard durable matt surface.

Rustinís Plastic Coating
is the ideal finish for table tops, kitchen benches, goblets, pens & clocks, etc.

No other finish is comparable for giving a durable & resistant high gloss, satin or matt finish, with such great results and value for money. 

Go on, Give Rustinís a go! youíll love it.

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