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250ml  $26.50

Chopping Board Oil
Rustins Chopping Board Oil is a blend of natural plant oils to nourish and protect chopping boards and worktops.
It penetrates the wood with no surface film to chip. It has a clear finish to enhance the natural beauty of wood.
This new food safe Oil contains anti-microbial additives with a slow release formula which provide protection against a wide range of bacteria including E-coli and MRSA.

500ml  $29.50
1 Litre  $52.00

Worktop Oil
Rustin's Worktop Oil is a unique water-borne blend of natural plant oils and other special ingredients which nourishes and protects all types of timber. It is a quick-drying wooden work surface treatment, leaving a durable and water-resistant seal which is not vulnerable to scratching or chipping. 
Solvent free and suitable for the kitchen or in any other food-related environment.
Plant oils used in its formulation originate from sustainable sources. 
One litre will cover around 13 square metres per coat depending on the absorbency of the wood.

2.5 Litre  $75.00
5 Litre  $125.00


Rustins Decking Oil is a hard-wearing, water resistant oil that retains the colour of the decking. It contains ultra violet light inhibitors and biocides which protects the oil from mould and algae growth.

4 Litre  $45.00

DECKING CLEANER - Rustins new Decking Cleaner is the ULTIMATE product for cleaning and reviving weathered garden decking. It is ideal for removing dirt, grease and stains prior to treatment with Rustins Decking Oil. - Rustin's Australia - Official website 

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